Giving Neglected Coins to Neighbors in Need

Written by: Moonja Kim

St. Paul Chung Catholic Church held a campaign focused on helping neighbors in need throughout various communities by collecting parishioners’ piggy banks filled with coins. Led by Father Patrick In-Joon Chung, the campaign began on December 1, 2013 (the beginning of Advent) with a mass-distribution of plastic bags to all parishioners interested in participating. Eight hundred piggy banks were collected by January 12, 2014, raising a total of $11,205. This money was then donated towards helping single seniors without a family, the handicapped, ill, and those in constant need. Father Chung did not stop there – he encouraged his parishioners to think about their neglected neighbors whenever they place coins in their piggy banks, saying, “Through this campaign, it will provide opportunity to refresh our numbness toward neglected neighbors and to love them in action.”

The effort of collecting 800 piggy banks and counting thousands of coins provided a wonderful and worthwhile gathering of many parishioners from the St. Paul Chung community. Parishioners felt surrounded by love and generosity as they spent hours filling tiny paper rolls in which the coins were wrapped.   Many of these volunteers mentioned how much they loved this experience.  In addition to the coins, inside the piggy banks were paper money and some prayers and resolutions that the parishioners contributed to the church.  We hope to provide inspiration as we enter Advent 2014, by encouraging others to reach out to their neighbors in need.


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