Looking for Christ Retreat: Words from Lightworks Participants

The Catholic Diocese of Arlington’s Multicultural Ministries office held our very first Lightworks Retreat, entitled “Looking for Christ,” the weekend of June 26-28. Lightworks is a St. Ignatian bible study that this office began with the help of many dedicated Christian Life Community (USA) members from within our diocese. Because of the success of the bible study program, it was obvious that we should hold a retreat at our diocesan San Damiano Spirtual Life Center.  This Lightworks retreat was open to all who were interested, no previous Lightworks experience was necessary. The retreat was so successful that we wanted to share the words of our participants who attended this year! There is no better testament than spiritual witnesses.

“The retreat was awesome. My heart is on fire with the love of Jesus. Reading the Living Word, meeting the Lord in quiet gentle ways. All my questions were answered in scriptures I prayed on — my heart is so grateful for this life transforming weekend.”

“[The Lightworks Retreat] has provided food for thought and a better understanding of how contemplative prayer can touch our lives. Serves as a bridge between scripture and our everyday life.”

“[This retreat enriched my Catholic faith] enormously. There is hope for a multicultural world of Catholics. They can make a difference as the retreat showed. The world is a diverse place.”

“Moments of silence are good for me. And just getting away from distractions. I got time to reconnect with God.”

“The retreat made me realize why Jesus called me home, back to the Catholic Church after leaving the church for over 30 years, searching for God everywhere. The retreat made me happy that Jesus is in my heart and Lectio Divina was the key to participate more fully in my faith and the Mass.”

“Thank you for all the preparations to make this such a joyous and relaxing retreat. I truly love all the exercises, the prayer sessions, and discussions. I can’t ask for a better weekend.”

“This retreat helps reaffirm the Ignatian spirituality of ‘finding God in everything.’ My relationship with God is deepening when I remember finding good in my daily life, in all events that happened.”

“I loved the simplicity of everything. It is great to have silence to hear and enjoy and rejoice in the Lord! Thank you, Diocese of Arlington!”

“Thank you Arlington Diocese for coordinating this retreat to help all thirsty souls to come to meet God in our spiritual life. May God bless our efforts in bringing souls to God.”

“I have been on several retreats since 2014 and did not really know about them before. I wish I had known about them years ago.”

“The facility is like a 5-star hotel! It is much better than the hotel where I pay for, which was rated as 4.5-5 stars. The meals are delicious. The staff is so nice! Father Sam is kind and funny. Everything here is more than I expect!”

“[The retreat] helped me to understand how to read the scriptures, how I meet God through his word and how to interpret its meaning to apply to my life.”

“It enriched my belief [and made my] Catholic faith stronger, helped me focus on Mary and Holy Trinity, in a deepening of my heart and mind. Something powerful and unconditional love as Father sent the Son to the world and the Lord sends to the world as a peace maker and witness for his love.”

“[This retreat helped me to deepen my relationship with God] 1. By teaching me the value of sacred silence, 2. By showing me the deeper way to read scripture, 3. By allowing me time to commune with God in restful, unscheduled manner.”

“My faith centers on the Eucharist, on the living presence of Christ entering into me and taking residence in me. The retreat helped me focus that presence on using this presence in the ordinary events of my life – where Jesus meets me face to face.”

We hope these inspired participant testaments convey the fruits that were born from this weekend Lightworks retreat at the San Damiano Spiritual Life Center.   Stay informed with our office updates and through our webpage, as the Diocese of Arlington continues to make available amazing opportunities such as this.